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Here at The Beartooth Ranch we have a variety of terrain to challenge the most active endurance horse, or to make a relaxing day of flatland riding.  We have 15,000 acres of land that stretches from about 5 miles up-river from Columbus, and will take you nearly to Absarokee.  The views are breathtaking and the trails and graded roads are extensive.  You can see deer, elk, antelope, bear, cranes, geese, turkeys and many other wild-life while enjoying the incredible scenery.  This is truly a Horse Paradise!

There are two ways you can join The Beartooth Ranch Riding Family  

Option 1:   Boarding your Horse:  All the amenities of the Ranch are included with any boarded horse with the exception of retired horses. 

  • You don’t need to trailer your horse to ride…..Just Saddle Up and Ride!
  • The convenience of driving your car to The Beartooth Ranch will get you with your horse more often
  • Many members have found others to carpool with
  • Save on the fuel costs of hauling a trailer every time you ride.
  • You don’t need to own a trailer…..upon initiating boarding, we will pick up your horse and bring it to The Beartooth Ranch for you (within a 100 mile radius)
  • All your tack and gear is where your horse is, so  you don’t need to haul smelly equipment around in your vehicle or store it at home
  • Your Beartooth Ranch Team will give the best care to your best friend.  We love horses and all have our own, and we will do our very best to keep your horse happy and healthy!
  • We grow our own horse hay, so you don’t need to buy or haul hay
  • When you travel, you know your horse is in a safe, happy place
  • When you are unable to get to the ranch, you know we are there for your horse
  • Your horse will be around other horses….even if in a private paddock or pasture, they will still see the rest of the “herd” which makes them feel safe
  • You will find other Riding Club members that you will enjoy riding with
  • Periodic Riding Club events, including food
  • Maps of graded roads and trails 

Option 2:   Join The Beartooth Ranch Riding Club for 3 or 6 months or a year

  • Meet other riders and join them for day rides
  • Find other Riding Club Members to “truck/trailer” pool with
  • Use of the Indoor and outdoor arenas and round pens
  • Use of lounge, tack up areas and wash downs
  • Enjoy meeting other members at periodic Riding Club events,
  • Maps of graded roads and trails

Come Saddle Up and Ride on 15,000 acres with:

Miles of Stillwater river frontage and spring creeks

Grasslands and Meadows

Valleys and Coulees

Timbered Hills and Open Ridges 

Endless miles of marked trails and graded roads     

Fabulous views, scenery and wild-life

You can access [ride] the entire property from The Beartooth Ranch Headquarters. There are great opportunities for endurance training. You can almost always enjoy breathtaking views of the Beartooth and Crazy Mountains as well as the Big Horns, Pryors, Snowy’s and the Little Belt Mountains.  Mountains in ALL directions.  Or enjoy gorgeous ,  quiet valley riding with spring creeks and the Stillwater River.

We have areas with picnic tables, porta-potties and hitching posts on the trails.  

Our facilities also include indoor and outdoor arenas, 60′ round pen and a 50′ round pen. 

Contact us for more information:  672-6288 or 321-0151